Why The REI Masters


We carefully crafted multiple experiences to ensure you are in a room with other individuals experiencing a similar level of success and challenges.


Why do we call it an "Experience"???

If you have attended any trainings or seminars in the past, you will envision sitting in a seat listening to a moderator ramble on about their successes. About 4 hours in, you find your butt sore from sitting in that barely cushioned chair, trying to chug coffee to stay awake and get your money's worth. You end up with 10 pages of notes and maybe 1-2 things to take back and implement. But to cap it off you never actually retained the information so you never implement those items rendering the seminar (yes seminar) useless. By the time you realize you wasted money you find out another one is coming up, the exact same as the last one and you sign up to refresh yourself. 

isn't it time to break the routine of burning up money? 

Our Experiences will never be the on repeat, we do not have a script and do not want one. We provide an interactive experience where you will spend time out of your seat learning and implementing new strategies. We role play, critique and help you truly learn what is discussed. Our view is that most people retain what they physically do in their long term memory versus what they listen to in short term memory. Join one of our Experiences and see the difference it makes for you personally.